War Vets Urge Youths To Free Themselves From Zanu PF Misrule

By Nhau Mangirazi

Hurungwe, April 18, 2016 – WAR veterans in Mashonaland West’s Hurungwe area have rallied Zimbabwe’s youths to take control of their destiny through confronting the current Zanu PF led government whose disastrous economic policies have kept many on the fringes of the economy.

Speaking to RadioVOP on the eve of the country’s 36th independence anniversary, former Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army, Zipra fighters said the current economic struggles mostly concerned the country’s youths who were failing to secure jobs.

The country’s liberators bemoaned the sorry state of the country’s economy which they said was far from what they sacrificed their lives for.

“When we went to war, our founding principles were to see liberated Zimbabwe.

“We all dreamt of a better country free from oppression and economic problems among other challenges affecting the citizens,” said Patrick Makwasha of Zvimonja village under Chief Dandawa.

Makwasha received his military training in Russia and is among some villagers and headmen who were last year targeted through acts of violence by alleged Zanu PF supporters who were trying to stifle ousted Zanu PF MP for Hurungwe West Temba Mliswa’s re-election attempts.

“Some of us have been labelled renegades when we pointed out Zanu PF ills; we therefore urge the youths to take over our struggles to free themselves from oppression, lack of employment and economic freedom,” he said.

Makwasha rubbished Zanu PF continued claims the country’s economic problems were a direct result of Western imposed sanctions on the country insisting they in fact were a Zanu PF creation.

“We are sick and tired of some unfounded allegations that our rising poverty is due to sanctions when in actual fact, it is due to corruption,” he said.

“Our leadership has failed to stamp out corruption that is why we are all suffering.

“What we fought for is freedom of association, assembly but we have been forced to lie low on issues that affect us. When you voice your concerns you are a rebel.

“This must come to an end as youths must take up the leading role to free themselves,’ he added.

Makwasha did not elaborate on what the youths needed to do exactly to free themselves.

Another war veteran, James Mapanga of Hwino village also chorused the same thoughts, saying youths must be proactive in fighting for their rights.

“We played our part to liberate the country, now youths must never give up,” he said.

“True patriotic war veterans are not happy with the level of social decay, corruption and poor health, education facilities in most rural and farming resettlement. We have nothing to show that we are independent,’’ he said.

The sentiments expressed by Hurungwe based war veterans tally with those expressed by some former ZANLA fighters and Joice Mujuru allies who said last week they had withdrawn the mandate they gave to Zanu leader and now country’s President Robert Mugabe to lead them after the death of Hebert Chitepo in 1975.

They were accusing Mugabe of causing the suffering of many Zimbabweans through poor leadership and his alleged dictatorial tendencies.


President Mugabe has clashed with his once fierce supporters accusing them of interfering with the Zanu PF’s succession wars.