War Vets ,Zanu (PF) Clash Over Sibanda Expulsion

Last week, Zanu (PF) provincial executive resolved at a provincial coordinating committee meeting held at the Chief’s Hall that Sibanda-who has been preaching hate speech and inciting violence and intimidating Movement for Democratic Change supporters in and around Masvingo province-should leave immediately.

In defiance of Zanu (PF), and in a move that is set to further divide the fractious Zanu (PF) leaders in Masvingo, the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association’s provincial leadership here Saturday came out guns blazing, saying Sibanda was in Masvingo to stay.

“ZANU PF has no mandate to chase him out of Masvingo. After all, they are not the ones who invited him here. The war veterans are sponsoring his stay, not Zanu (PF),” said the association’s provincial chair, retired colonel Josphat Rupuwo.

Jabulani is accused of going over bounds following the expiry of his one year stay in Masvingo conducting an operation code-named ‘Ngatibudirani Pachena’.

“We cannot be told what to do by a non-war vet. We fought the war and ushered them into structures and their offices.

“We are an affiliate of Zanu (PF). Zanu (PF) is not the one to tell us what to do. Sibanda is here to stay until we are satisfied that the programme is over,” said Rupuwo

The association’s provincial secretary general, Spencer Mandipaka, accused Matuke of being a sellout.