Warriors Slide Heavily Down The World Rankings

The Warriors, who were 100th the last time the rankings were updated, are now pegged at 106 in the world, their worst position this year. They have also plunged one place down in Africa and are now 27th.

The Warriors are the second worst African team after the Comoros who dropped eight places down the ladder. The Comoros, who have never made an impression in African or world football, are now pegged at 193 on the globe and 50th in Africa.

The heavy Warriors fall comes after the country’s poor performance of late which saw them fail to beat Mozambique having lost to Guinea earlier on. Although the Warriors went on to beat Burundi in an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier that failed to count much because Burundi is not a heavyweight in African football.

Zimbabwe is billed to face Angola in an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier next month. Angola on their part is rated 85th in the world and 20 in Africa. Angola moved one place up the latest world rankings.

The Ivory Coast have maintained their position as the best in Africa, followed by Ghana, Algeria, Libya and Mali in a virtually unchanged line up since the last time.

Champions Zambia has dropped three places down the rankings and occupy 44th in the world and ninth in Africa. South Africa is number 14.

Spain, which has occupied the top spot for some time, remains the world’s best football team with German, England Uruguay, and Portugal close by.