Wars Vets Petrol Bomb Chief’s Aide Homestead

MDC-T chairperson for Midlands South, Lilian Timveous said war veterans in Chizungu area on Wednesday night petrol bombed the homestead of Alois Ndiweni an MDC-T supporter in Tuna Village in Chizungu.

Ndiweni’s crime, said the MDC-T chairperson, is that he is employed as an aide to a traditional chief allegedly aligned to Zanu (PF) yet he supports the opposition.

“They went to Ndiweni’s homestead in the middle of the night on Wednesday where they threw three petrol bombs, but lucky enough there was no one at the time but the bombs destroyed the homestead.
“The war veterans were led by one known ex-combatant who calls himself “Hitler”

“ Hitler and his gang accused Ndiweni of being a sellout because he is a member of our party whilst at the same time he is employed as an aide to Chief Chizungu, ” Timveous told radio Vop.

Timveous said the war veterans vowed they would make sure that Ndiweni left his job as Chief Chizungu’s aide.
Hitler and his other colleague a Mr Mbedzi were arrested over the incident and detained for few hours at Mberengwa police station, before being released without a charge.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo who is also a former legislator for Mberengwa East constituency however accused MDC-T of tarnishing the image of his party.

“These people just want to continue tarnishing the image of Zanu (PF). Mberengwa is my home area and recently I personally engaged our supporters there not to get involved in any form of violence,” said Gumbo.

Last month war veterans and Zanu (PF) youths led by Sayinai Madhaka declared war against MDC-T supporters in Mberengwa district, saying their party should start setting up a refugee camp as they will be all forced to flee.
Several MDC supporters have also fled their homes in Mbirashava area in the same district after another team of war veterans led by one Retired Major Shava raided their homes for boycotting a Zanu (PF) meeting.