"We Are Ahead Of Govt Aid" – Gwanongodza

By Itai Muzondo

Chivi Central legislator Ephraim Gwanongodza boasted that he is ahead of government aide towards the promised 700 000 tonnes of maize to imported in attempts to curb the striking hunger and also took a chance to reveal to the press that it is wishful thinking of those against him that publicise that he has been suspended from the party.

Addressing a group of political reporters on a media tour in his constituency, Gwanongodza said he had made a solid deal with local dealers to have them ship grain from Zambia and to sell it to the locals on reasonable prices.

“I am ahead of government aid towards the striking hunger. I manage to do such things because I am empowered by the government. I have notably facilitated a deal with grain dealers that they import maize to Chivi now and again for US$6 – 00 per bucket which is fair,” said Gwanongodza.

The parliamentarian however did not deny that it is hard to foster development and challenges in an economy where the government has failed to make Community Development Fund (CDF)available as he expressed that they have since submitted a bill that will legalise availability of CDF.

“It is hard to work under the circumstances that CDF is not available and we have since passed a bill to parliament which criminalises actions by government to bar CDF,” explained Gwanongodza.

On the recent media reports that Gwanongodza among other parliamentarians including Walter Mzembi have been suspended from the party for being aligned to the Mujuru cabal, the parliamentarian said nothing like that took charge saying those were the words of wishful thinkers who are plotting his downfall.


“I am not aligned to the Mujuru faction, even here in my constituency there is no factionalism business as we stand to be one united ZANU Pf party unlike other constituencies. Those who went to the press to publish those lies are wishful thinkers who want to see my downfall. There is no one who can give such a directive neither, serve for the politburo,” said Gwanongodza.