'We Are Not Your Students Mr Speaker Sir' – Chamisa Says To Mudenda

By Staff Reporter

Harare, May 19, 2016 – KUWADZANA MP Nelson Chamisa was Wednesday ejected from the House after he had confronted National Assembly Speaker Jacob Mudenda accusing him of treating MPs like students.

This is after the young MP had risen to object to a ruling which had just been passed by Mudenda against MPs who abuse parliamentary immunity to make unsubstantiated claims against fellow MPs’ private lives.

But Chamisa, who is also a lawyer, was quick to raise a point of order, insisting Mudenda, in arriving at the ruling, was relying on incorrect provisions of the Constitution.

Mudenda, also an advocate, quickly interjected the MP, ruling him “out of order” for attempts to debate his ruling, something that elicited strong resentment from the MDC-T legislator who then reminded Mudenda that MPs were not students.

“But Honorable Speaker, you are not going to have a situation like this.  We are not students.  We are your Members of Parliament.  We have a duty,” Chamisa said.

“Your conduct honorable Speaker Sir, has to be consistent with our Constitution. We cannot have that…”

Mudenda ordered the defiant MP to resume his seat but Chamisa kept reminding him MPs were not students.

“No I am not disobeying. You do not say things. We are not students. You have said something and constitutionally it is wrong,” Chamisa said.

Seeing Chamisa kept insisting, Mudenda then threatened to eject the MP from the chamber, further advising him to go to the courts if he felt the Speaker was failing to discharge his duties in accordance with the Constitution.

But that could not put out the fire from a Chamisa who dared Mudenda to do what he could.

“No, Hon. Speaker Sir.  I will not accept this.  If you want, do whatever you can,” Chamisa insisted.

Chamisa was ejected from the house and was only forced to calm down after Vice President and leader of the house Emmerson Mnangagwa and Thokozani Khuphe, the MDC-T leader in the house, had consulted.

“I must say to you (Speaker) that the altercation was unnecessary, unfortunate and regrettable Honorable Speaker Sir,” Chamisa said.


“I hope that this is something that is not going to repeat itself and I commit that I am dedicated and committed as your citizen and a citizen of Zimbabwe to make sure that our rules are respected, orders of Parliament are respected but also democracy is respected.  I thank you Mr. Speaker Sir.”