We Shall Embarrass Mugabe: MDC-T

peaking to Radio VOP on Sunday, Masvingo Provincial spokesperson for MDC-T Harrison Mudzuri who is also Zaka Central legislator said new Zambian President Michael Sata’s victory last week is a strong message to ageing dictators of Africa that the will of the people will never be ignored forever.

“We are ready to embarrass Mugabe and his Zanu-PF, this time the people will speak in one voice. The fact that our neighbours have done it is enough motivation to our supporters and also a strong message to dictators that time for democracy has come.
“The only thing that Mugabe can do today is to resign before elections to avoid humiliation,” said Mudzuri.
Mudzuri added the party has already started some rallies across the province enlightening their supporters about regional political developments.
“We have entered into a campaigning gear. Yesterday we were in Zaka West constituency preaching the same message and we are prepared to move from one constituency to another until the next election day. If Mugabe is wise, he must be seen preparing for his life after defeat,” he added.
Masvingo provincial chairman for MDC-T Wistuff Sitemere said his party is trying to lure members from the smaller MDC faction led by Welshman Ncube in order to speak with one voice in the much anticipated watershed elections scheduled for early next year.
“We shall do whatever it takes to shame Mugabe and his party come next election,” said Sitemere.
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IMF Downgrades Zim Growth Projections
HARARE, September 26, 2011—The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cut Zimbabwe’s real growth projection to 6% this year from an earlier forecast of 7, 3% according to its global outlook for September.
According to the IMF global outlook for September, the economy would grow slower next year by 3, 1% from the earlier forecast of 5, 7%.
The cut in growth projections comes at a time government is expecting a growth of 9, 3% this year.
In the September outlook, IMF said inflation would accelerate to 4, 8% by the end of the year. Initially, the global lender had projected inflation to end the year at 3, 6%.
It projected that inflation would race to 6, 5% next year from an earlier projection of 6, 1%.
Zimbabwe projects that the economy will continue on its growth trajectory for the third successive year since the use of multiple currencies in 2009.
Analysts are wary that the performance of the enablers—power and water supplies—hold the key to the attainment of the growth projections.

Power supplies are erratic as demand as outstrip supply leading to massive load shedding. This has affected industries. Water suppliers are unreliable amid revelations that the local authority can only supply half of the water requirements.