‘We Want People Who Do Not Complain’ – Mandiwanzira

By Adrian Mutigwe

Harare, October 22,2013 – Zimbabwe needs people who do not complain or threaten to kick out a government because there is no cooking oil,’ deputy Information, Media and Broadcasting Minister Supa Mandiwanzira said today.


Mandiwanzira was addressing media practitioners at a farewell function hosted for him by his radio station, ZiFM Stereo.


“I owe who I am to the people around me, the people who stood by me in very thick times, when everything seemed doomed and we could not pay rentals.


“They stood by us when we were four months in salary arrears and they had to go and negotiate with their creditors including schools from which their children were being chased,” said Mandiwanzira.


He said people needed to persevere. “These are the kind of people we want in our country. Citizens who will not say, because there is no cooking oil in the shops and the country is not financially stable the government should be changed or kicked out.


“That is the spirit we want,” Mandiwanzira said.


The former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Services news anchor is the proprietor of ABC Communications owners of ZiFM Stereo that was awarded a broadcasting licence in controversial circumstances last year along with Zimpapers owned Star FM.


At the time Mandiwanzira denied any links with President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF but he went on to stand and won as the party’s candidate in the Nyanga South Constituency in the July harmonised polls.


Mandiwanzira said he will endeavour to be fair and balanced in his dealings with the media. “We now have an obligation to superintend over the broadcasting sector and all eyes will be on me to see whether I will be in any way disposed in a favourable way to ZiFM.


“I must say now that, if anything, ZiFM should brace itself because I am going to be harder on them than anybody else,” he said.


On the government’s directive regarding local content in the media Mandiwanzira said;


“There is no one who is against 75 percent local content but I must tell you than a lot of people are against 75 percent local trash on radio or television so we must endeavour to nurture artists and producers who bring quality programmes into our media.”

Source: The Zimbabwean