We Wanted To Fix Mugabe: Gushungo Bombers

The trial of Borman Ngwenya kicked off Thursday at the Harare Magistrate Court with the already convicted, now a key witness, Owen Kuchata revealing that he led a team comprising three soldiers to bomb Gushungo Dairy Farm plant in Mazowe.

Kuchata is currently serving his sentence after pleading guilty to the charges and when he appeared as a witness in the trial of his alleged accomplice, he said they wanted to bomb the first family’s dairy plant as a way of venting their anger on President Mugabe regarding the economic situation.

Kuchata said he was in the company of three members of his political party, all of whom were frustrated by the demolition of illegal structures in Harare and wanted the President to feel the pain.

He also revealed that he manufactured four petrol bombs using fertiliser, petrol and other components, adding that his accomplices who are military personnel did not participate in the making of the bomb.    

In his defence, Ngwenya said it was a military sanctioned operation and were tasked by Major Mashava to monitor and entrap Kuchata, adding that there was no intention on his part to commit acts of insurgency and banditry or terrorism.

He said there is evidence of telephone communication between Ngwenya and his superior, updating them on the activities of Kuchata.

The case of the botched-up Gushungo Dairy Farm bombing drew attention after the Prosecutor General Johannes Tomana was arrested for releasing two of the suspects and turning them into state witnesses.