"We were robbed" – Masvingo residents

By James Marufu

Masvingo, August 6, 2013 – Scores of people in and around Masvingo
province have expressed dissatisfaction over the just announced
harmonised election results saying the Zimbabwe Election Commission
(ZEC) has allowed  Zanu PF party to rob them in a broad day light’.
Although the people who spoke to Radio Vop said there was a chance for
Zanu PF to win some constituencies, they said it was ‘ridiculous’ for
Zanu PF to take people for granted and come up with ‘cooked’ results
that would portray the whole of Masvingo province as a one party
“We do not dispute that Zanu PF has its strongholds such as Chiredzi
North, Masvingo North and South as well as the whole of Mwenezi
district.I strongly feel that we were robbed by ZEC.  It is therefore,
extremely painful and very sad to take the people of Masvingo for granted in
allowing the whole nation to think that the whole province went to
Zanu PF,” said Alois Zvoushe.
Masvingo residents said ZEC was not shameful to announce results that
were going to be reflecting exactly the opposite of what is on the
“Take for example in Masvingo urban constituency where Zanu PF’s
Daniel Shumba won because of almost 4000 votes from polling stations
in ward 10. How can one ward have more people than those living in the
whole of Rujeko residential area?. Any normal person would conclude
that Zanu PF was persuaded to take rigging to ridiculous levels,” said
Joram Zibhowa.
In Masvingo Urban Zanu PF won four wards against MDC-T’s six wards but
Tongai Matutu who was representing MDC-T in the House of Assembly lost
to Daniel Shumba of Zanu PF.
However, Shumba said he did not have time for hisn losing detractors who
spread bad news about how he won the election.
“Look, the question today should be how am I going to develop Masvingo
than continuously analysing how I outwitted my rival. I am the new MP
for Masvingo Urban and the focus should be on the way forward than
criticism,” said Shumba.
The people of Bikita said they were tongue-tied as they expected Heya
Shoko of MDC-T to march into victory since Zanu PF had fieldied two
candidates, Elias Musakwa and Munyaradzi Kereke in the same
However, Shoko lost to Kereke who won despite President Mugabe’s
remarks that even if Kereke had a huge following, the ruling party was
not willing to work with him.
“There are a lot of things that exposes ZEC especially by allowing the
world to see how unpopular candidates like Beritha Chikwama of Gutu
East, Jeppy Jaboon of Bikita South and Ezra Chadzamira of Masvingo
West managed to win the elections,” Gerald Mlauzi.
MDC-T provincial spokesperson Harrison Mudzuri said the election
‘results’ were a true reflection of the extent to which Zanu PF would
go in mocking the electorate. Mudzuri said Zanu PF’s actions defeated
the whole purpose of going to vote leaving people demoralised

“Once again Zanu PF is not ashamed to mock the people. These election
results were a mockery of democracy. How can one party just believe
that its impossible for it to be dislodged and then go to such an extent of
stealing all the election results in broad daylight,” said Mudzuri.
Both Zanu PF and MDC-T provincial chairpersons Lovemore Matuke and
Wilstuff Sitemere were not readily available for comment.
Zanu PF romped to victory after winning all the contested 26
constituencies. In 2008, MDC-T won 14 constituencies while Zanu PF got
12 constituencies.
Victory without jubilations
Several people who spoke to Radio VOP said even Zanu PF was shocked
with the election results because despite being announced winners of
the just ended election, there were no jubilations in Masvingo.
“Every one that you meet is disappointed and confused. Zanu PF is aware that the
elections were rigged-that’s why the party did not run in the streets
for celebrations,” said an interviewee who declined to be named.
Analysts said it was the first time to see winners of a very crucial
election being ashamed to go in the streets for celebrations.
“They must be knowing that they are few as compared to those who voted
for the opposition and they do not want to provoke ”unnecessary
clashes,” said Anold Muromba of Mucheke D.