We Were Used To Destroy MDC-T:Mbudzi

Mbudzi, who was once Zanu (PF) Secretary for Information for Masvingo dumped Makoni soon after elections before forming his own party which suffered still-birth said he is re-joining Zanu (PF) since he has accomplished his mission to destroy Makoni,s party.
 “ I am re-joining Zanu (PF).It’s the only party that I think has the capacity to rule this country. I am a Zanu (PF) darling because it needed myself and Makoni to split votes during 2008 elections thereby rescuing Zanu (PF) which was already sinking.

“ I knew from the beginning that Makoni and I were never going to win, we were just used to remove Zanu (PF) from the mud, ” said Mbudzi.Mbudzi who briefly joined Dumiso Dabengwa led ZAPU in 2010 said there was no need for him to stay with the party which failed to appeal to the people several decades ago.
“ I only went there (to ZAPU) to assess and I discovered that there was no life at all. That party lost stamina to lure followers decades ago,there is nothing new that can come from ZAPU, ” he said.

Mbudzi who parted ways with Zanu (PF) two years ago said he was confident to be given a top position in the party considering that he once worked against the party when he was with Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn.
 “I will be rewarded for what I did. I will not start from the grassroots, we are the big guys, I hope to get promoted after having done a lot of work which helped Zanu (PF) to remain in power. People must never be fooled, there are only two parties in the country, Zanu (PF) and MDC-T, the rest are other peopleˇŻs projects,” he added.

Though Mbudzi claims to be in good books with Zanu (PF)  big wigs such as Didymus Mutasa he openly said it was very important for the party to think of replacing President Mugabe with a younger and energetic leader.
Mbudzi,s outbursts and revelations put to rest long held suspicions that both factions of the MDC were heavily infiltrated by agents of the central government resulting in the 2005 split.
The MDC-T South Africa branch has also split into factions blamed on infiltration by CIO operatives.