Welshman blast civic society and Copac Draft

“In the diplomatic community, if you go to every embassy in Harare today you will hear this civic society organisation is aligned to this or that one. You know that as civic society organisations you won’t get money from Americans if you don’t believe in something. Some will tell you that go and denounce Ncube and you will get a bucket of money that is reality
“Civic society has reconstituted itself as being part of this or that side, in the same way the media has constituted it’s self as being part of this or that side. In my view the political polarisation at political party level then reproduced its self everywhere in civic society,” Ncube a meeting of Bulawayo civic society organisations on the draft constitution.
Ncube also said the draft constitution produced by COPAC is not people driven since political parties were instructing their members on what to say during the outreach programme.
“Some of the biggest lies which have been telling each other are around this constitution. We have been saying its people driven constitution but that is not true. Lets always understand when invoke the name of the people, its organisational mobilisation tool to legitimatise political demands in the name of the people.
“People never wrote the constitution because political parties were telling their members on what to say to the outreach team,” said Ncube who is also the Industry and Commerce Minister.
According to Global Political Agreement (GPA) signed on September 15, 2008, commits President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF and the two MDC factions led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Ncube to a new constitution that will pave way for a free and fair election.
The two MDC factions endorsed the draft, but Zanu PF’s politburo sat on four occasions during which it amended the draft before handing out copies to its rivals recently.