Welshman Ncube Blasts Zanu (PF) And MDC

He expressed frustration at the latest turn of events, primarily the dispute over governors and ambassadors, charging that the two parties were pursuing narrow, partisan interests.

President Robert Mugabe recently unilaterally appointed governors and ambassadors from his Zanu (PF) party against the principles of the GPA. The MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai said the appointments were null and void and called on the international community not to recognise the new diplomats. Last week he and his deputy Thokozani Khupe boycotted cabinet as a protest to Mugabe’s moves.

“In fact as the MDC (MDC-M) we are the most frustrated, we have seen the other two parties pursue partisan interests,” Ncube told Radio VOP.

He claimed that when history was written, the role of his party will be known as MDC-M had played a leading role, when both Zanu (PF) and MDC-T had walked away from the GPA.

Mugabe has said he does not want the life of the GPA that gave birth to the shaky coalition government extended when it expires next year. He said he wants elections held next year, a move that has also been supported by Tsvangirai. Critics have warned against the holding of elections next year, citing violence and lack of electoral reforms that will see a fair and free election.

“We were the unifying factor,” said Ncube. We brought them (Tsvangirai and Mugabe) together to the negotiating table under harsh conditions. We were clear on our options.”

The MDC-M secretary general said he was bemused at the MDC-T and Zanu PF’s call for elections next year, arguing that reforms making it possible for a new poll were not yet in place.

“As it is MDC-T and Zanu (PF) PF are trying to push for elections, even though we all know most of the things that resulted in the failure of the past elections have not been fixed,” he said.

Ncube called for the full implementation of the GPA, arguing that it represented the views of the three coalition partners and was the best basis for reform.

The GPA has not been fully implemented due to among others disagreements about the appointments of MDC-T treasurer general, Roy Bennett as Deputy Minister of Agriculture and a new Reserve Bank Governor and Attorney General.

“So an election now will not result in proper change but divide the nation and undo the gains so far,” he pointed out.

The broker of negotiations between Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) party and MDC formations to end the political crisis in Zimbabwe, former South Africa President Thabo Mbeki, this week said the GPA was the only solution to the problems in the country.

However, Tsvangirai and Mugabe claim elections are the best way to end a stalemate caused by the power sharing agreement. They have been supported by the South African President Jacob Zuma who has said fresh polls would end disputes that have failed the GPA.

MDC-M leader, Mutambara has always been opposed to polls next year, but his critics claimed it was because he was afraid of defeat.