Welshman Ncube's MDC Threatens Media Houses

MDC formed in 1999 by former trade unionists split in 2005. The smaller faction which was being headed by Arthur Mutambara was popularly known as the MDC-M while the main MDC faction led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is known as MDC-T.

Mutambara was recently replaced by Ncube who was elected president at the party’s congress.

Ncube’s spokesman, Kurauone Chiwhayi, told Radio VOP that the party’s name was “MDC” only and not MDC-M or MDC-N as suggested by journalists in their reportage.

Last week the Zanu (PF) Secretary for Administration, who is a minister in President Robert Mugabe’s government, Didymus Mutasa, jokingly “congratulated” Ncube saying his party now had a new name – MDC-N (Ncube).

“Our paty name is MDC only and not MDC-T or MDC-M or even MDC-N as reported by some journalists especially from the State-controlled media,” Chihwayi said.

“I am distributing press releases to all the local media telling them to immediately stop this kind of reporting or face the consequences.

“We are now very tired of being called names which do not belong to us. We debated the issue of the name change during our annual congress and we decided that we are simply MDC full stop.”