WFP interventions help to curb GBV cases

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

MASVINGO – The people of ward 17 of Matadzembwa in Mapakomhere, Masvingo province have applauded the work of World Food Program (WFP) in promoting poverty alleviation as well as how they have managed to solve gender based violence in the area.

The people in the community said that GBV is mostly caused by poverty which raises emotions among families.

So the coming in of WFP in the community has helped them shake off the burden on their shoulders as they now get different commodities that are helping them sail through the economic hardships.

In an interview with Radio VOP the people of Mapakomhere  shared on how GBV is caused by the lack of having adequate food on the table resulting in tension in the family.

Varaidzo Gapare a member of the community said that,” The problem of GBV is being caused by poverty in the homes, lack of adequate food to put on the table to sustain the whole family. If couples do not get the required basic needs I tell you they will always fight as they will be blaming each other for their failures. And us as women once we are even given a slap we then tend to pacify ourselves which is not what we should do. So with the help we are getting we are able to at least make sure some of the basic needs are met to avoid disputes but the problem then comes when we start to run out of the food stuffs will have been given,” she said.

Raina Chadenanga confirmed that GBV is mostly been caused by not being able to live a decent life and also the issues of adultery in the families.

“The issue of not having a decent living is a big issue in the homes which is leading to conflicts in the households and you end up blaming each other which is causing people to fight. Then the other issue of affairs out of matrimony has also contributed to GBV in the community,” she said.

Susan Mhlanga noted that it is difficult to cope with the fact that you cannot afford to have what you want all the time, “Lacking is a very serious issue out there for everyone, the days are better when you have food on the table. Right now as we leave this place we will have got a few groceries it will be all smiles in different houses but when the food staff gets finished, the struggle then escalates leading to fights. When the days are good, couples are also happy but as things turn sour, the happiness disappears.

“We also have gardens from aquaculture and they help a lot but our husbands do not understand when all the food is used up, they feel it should take us for a year,” she said.

Marko Mulocha said that this season there is shortage of rainfall and this is causing a lot of problems, the economic situation is very tough. Right now it is better because we are able to get food assistance but once the cupboards are empty the problem then comes again.

So the assistance is helping the community to at least desist from GBV and have peace for once, so WFP has also helped in the fight for GBV by bringing in solutions that fight GBV and making the people’s lives less difficult.

 WFP joined in the world as it commemorates the 16 days against Gender Based Violence and they took their commemorations to the rural communities where there are cases that are overlooked by people not trying to find out what is causing GBV in those areas. So they saw the need to go out there and give the people the knowledge that they are lacking and change their lives for the better.

The food stuffs, money and projects that were introduced seem to make the burden less for them hence fighting GBV in the community.