Where are those newspapers – Shamu

Shamu was speaking at the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists’ (ZUJ)
National Journalistic and Media Awards (NJAMA) ceremony at Rainbow
Tours on Friday night.

“A number of newspapers were given licences by the ZMC a long time ago
– where are those newspapers? They (media houses) were crying for
licences but after given a green light to operate, they remained out
of the scene.

“On behalf of the inclusive government, I would like to challenge both
ZUJ and ZMC to take action so that the newspapers which were given
licences would start operating forthwith,” said Shamu.

Newsday of the Alpha Media Group is the only newspaper which has
managed to hit the streets soon after the issuing of operating
licence. The much awaited Daily News which was closed by President
Mugabe’s government nearly a decade ago is among the newspapers which
are yet to hit the streets.

Shamu said he was very happy to note that Zimbabwean media fraternity
which was highly polarised before the coming of an inclusive
government was slowly starting to show professionalism through their
balanced reportage.

However, minister Shamu said he was worried by the increasing rate at
which journalists were given bribes by both politicians and business
people in the country.

“I am not happy with the rate at which journalists are being given
bribes by politicians and other influential people thereby misleading
the nation through their false reports. We must work towards curbing
this culture of cheque book journalism which has gripped our
profession,” Shamu said.

He laughed and said, “I am also a member of ZUJ”.

However, since the formation of the inclusive government, there is no
single private radion or television station which was given a licence,
leaving the state run Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corperation (ZBC) as the
country’s sole broadcaster.

Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) president Omar Furuki who was
the guest of honour, however, pleaded with the Zimbabwean government
to ensure that more players are accommodated in the media industry.