Whistleblower Summoned Over Blood Scare

Emmanuel Masvikeni, the NBSZ’s blood procurement manager disclosed in court papers filed in the Labour Court late last year that the national blood provider had at times stocked blood considered to be health risk.

Masvikeni said he had attempted to remedy this act of maladministration which was being presided over by the blood bank’s chief executive officer David Mvere by alerting the NBSZ’s board of directors through an anonymous email. Through the email, the blood procurement manager said he had communicated to the board of directors that; “some of the blood that was banked was health risk blood since it is not being tested in terms of procedure.” Masvikeni also accused Mvere of corruption, nepotism and paying ghost workers on the NBSZ’s pay roll.

Mvere, Masvikeni said was evading paying income tax to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority from his monthly salary of US$10 164.

But NBSZ has now summoned Masvikeni for a hearing which takes place on Wednesday, where he faces misconduct charges for authoring the email exposing the wrongdoing and misconduct by his superior.

In a letter written to Masvikeni, the NBSZ said it would proceed with the Wednesday hearing “with or without you and your legal representation if you do not turn up” because they had postponed the
hearing on several occasions. The letter which was seen by Radio VOP was written by Collins Mitala, the NBSZ chairperson of the disciplinary committee.

Masvikeni through his lawyer Harrison Nkomo of Mtetwa and Nyambirai Legal Practitioners has challenged the disciplinary inquiry and alleges that Mvere wants to dismiss him “so as that he can silence me and revenge me for reporting the issue of maladministration that I had raised.”

The NBSZ has refuted Masvikeni’s disclosures and claimed that a subcommittee of the organisation’s board of directors “dismissed the issue of tainted blood after it carried out its own investigation last year and said allegations of maladministration levelled against Mvere were “unfounded.”