White Farmers Refuse To Buy Cattle Owned By Zanu (PF) Official

Mpofu is allegedly desperate for cash as workers at his Sunrise Restaurant have gone for two months without pay.

“He desperately needs cash to pay his workers who are threatening to take him to court because they have gone without pay for two months”, said a source.

Mpofu had to transport back eight herds of cattle to his farm after commercial farmers and butcher men showed no interest in his beasts despite them being of a high quality.

They accused the former Gwanda Mayor of wanting to reap were he did not sow.

“These are stolen cattle how can he demand such a high price for animals he grabbed?”, said one white farmer.

Zanu (PF) officials including Mpofu stand accused of grabbing properties belonging to white farmers at the height of Zimbabwe’s chaotic land resettlement over a decade ago.

Many of them have since amassed unparalleled wealth since the seizure of farms in 2000.