White Gold Miner Raided By Police

According to police insiders here, six officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) and Police Internal Security Intelligence (PISI) raided an office used by miner Ben Labbah in the low density surburb of the town claiming he had a money printing machine.

 “ The officers did not have a search warrant with them besides knowing it is illegal to search anyone even if they had enough evidence.They said he had a money printing machine ,” an insider told Radio Vop at the weekend. Coincidently, another team of officers raided his gold mine at Kasimure area about 35 kilometers out of Karoi town for yet another search that yielded nothing.
“ We were suprised that the officers linking us to planning meetings for Movement for Democratic Change came here. The officers alleged we had pamphlets denouncing Zanu (PF) that we were distributing to villagers but had no samples with them. They had no search warrant and found nothing.” said a worker who declined to be named for fear of victimisation.

Labbar could not comment about the police raid on his premises but other sources admitted the raids were aimed at linking MDC-T with few remaining whites around the farming town. The police Officer in Charge,  Chief Inspector Sithole refused to comment on the issue.

 “ I can not comment about that, I am sorry ” was all he could say when contacted for comment. The two MDC formations have insisted on reforms of the security services that include the police, army and the intelligence organ, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).