Wholesome Sanctions Removal to Be Informed By Fair Upcoming Electoral Contest: EU

 “If the elections are held freely and fairly then there will be no reason for the measures to remain and a credible progress towards that aim and goal of having a total regularisation of the situation in the country can be taken into consideration,” EU ambassador to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell’Ariccia told journalists in Harare Friday.
Zimbabwe Ministerial re-engagement team on Thursday held a meeting with EU in Brussels, where it strongly spoke about the wholesome removal of sanctions.
EU responded by putting their request in writing before July when the western bloc will be hosting its meeting.
The Zimbabwean Ministerial re-engagement team which went to Brussels for the resumption of the political dialogue comprises Patrick Chinamasa of ZANU (PF),Elton Mangama (MDC-T) and Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga of MDC led by Professor Welshmen Ncube.
Ambassador Aldo Dell’Ariccia said cases of human rights abuse and political violence which the western bloc considers when reviewing sanctions still existing in some parts of the country.
“We report objectively to our headquarters on the situation of human rights for instance and we have data based on objective elements that permits to say situation is improving and that’s what we report. There are still problems and violence happening in this country like anywhere else in the world and we also report that. Based on these elements we can make suggestions to the capital where the considerations are being made, “he added.
 EU-Zimbabwe relations soured in 2002 when the former ruling ZANU (PF) government embarked on the chaotic land reform programme which drove away former white commercial farmers.
Mugabe justified the move by saying it was meant to address colonial land imbalances.
Britain and other EU countries as well as the US also accused the Robert Mugabe administration of rigging elections after Mugabe was controversially beaten by the then opposition leader and now Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in the 2002 president elections.
As a result of these allegations and accusations, EU and its allies placed at least 200 people including companies associated to ZANU(PF) on sanctions.