Why Mugabe was a hero to many black South Africans

By Mathanda Ncube
I see tweets from some black South Africans saying Mugabe left Zimbabweans with land, while Mandela left South Africans landless and poor,  Mbeki left them with poems and  quotes,  Zuma left them with music and dance.
Not surprised at all why Mugabe was a hero to many black South Africans. In him they saw a leader they never had post 94- one who stood up to white supremacists and could tell Britain and the US to go to hell.  The closest they ever got to Mugabe was firebrand former ANCYL president Julius Malema, now leading the game changing opposition EFF.
The irony,  though,  is that Zimbabweans flee the “land” Mugabe “gave” them  to come to poems,  quotes and music. And they’re in the coalface of the xenophobia in South Africa.
Being Zimbabwean has become a curse,  thanks to Mugabe.
Late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai once told me that he met Zimbabweans in Iceland. Iceland.
Who goes to fucking Iceland? What’s in Iceland? Leaving “land” in Zimbabwe to live in Iceland?
How desperate is that?
That,  for me, is Mugabe’s legacy. You can hero worship him, I won’t stop you.
No tears from me. That despot destroyed whole generations in 37 years of a bloody reign.
If there’s hell, that’s definitely where he’s headed.
Japhet Mathanda Ncube is a South African based Zimbabwean journalist.He writes in his personal capacity