Why some people are sceptical of Covid vaccines?

It’s a jab that could save your life – and yet, some people still have misgivings about Covid vaccines.

“There’s a lot of misinformation and disinformation around vaccines,” says the BBC’s Rhoda Odhiambo in Nairobi.

Vaccines are now being rolled out in parts of Africa, but the logistics of getting millions of people vaccinated are enormous – a real challenge to be reckoned with.

And health authorities worry that another problem might get in their way – the misconceptions and misgivings some people still have about the vaccines.

“The rejection of the pandemic itself amongst the populace is a huge concern,” says health journalist Moji Makanjuola, who played a key role in encouraging Nigerians to get immunised against polio


“I’m sure that when people see the effectiveness of the vaccine, it will ginger more people to willingly take the vaccine.”

So, where does this scepticism stem from? And how can health authorities address those concerns?