Widow Of National Hero Faces Arrest

Betty Jiri (61) the widow of Jairos Jiri was issued with warrant of arrest by the High court after she refused to vacate a house she moved into in June this year at Jairos Jiri Association’s Nguboyenja training centre in Bulawayo.

Jairos Jiri Association is a philanthropic organisation founded in 1950 by Betty’s late husband Jairos. The organisation trains and support disadvantaged people.

Betty has been embroiled in a bitter row for more than 30 years with the Jairos Jiri Association, over the ownership of the organization’s assets.

Two weeks ago the Jairos Jiri Association won a High Court order seeking Betty to vacate Nguboyenja Centre within seven days or face 90 days in detention.

In the High Court order Judge Maphios Cheda said “that Betty Jiri and her family had no right whatsoever to any of the property owned or leased by the association and were supposed to vacate the premises”.

The widow and her three sons ignored the High Court order to vacate the Jairos Jiri Association’s house.

However equipped with High Court warrants of arrest on Friday police raided the house and arrested her sons in her absence. Betty never returned to the centre and she is believed to be on the run.