WikiLeaks Drama As MDC Senior Officers Nearly Exchange Blows

Informed sources told Radio VOP that Tsvangirai chucked out, the vibrant former MDC youth leader after he clashed and nearly came to blows with the party’s former Harare Province chairperson Morgan Femai, who had accused him of selling out after he allegedly describing the former veteran trade union leader as a weak, indecisive and inconsistent leader during a meeting with United States diplomats.

Femai allegedly challenged Chamisa during the meeting to come out clean over the US cables which were dispatched to Washington by US ambassador Charles Ray but intercepted and leaked by whistle blowing website, WikiLeaks.

But Chamisa, the party’s former spokesperson responded by hitting back at Femai and telling him off and a heated argument ensured where the two MDC senior officials nearly came to blows. Party insiders who witnessed the confrontation said Tsvangirai, who was chairing the meeting, had to intervene by asking the two officials to leave the meeting.

Apart from Chamisa, MDC-T Senator and Deputy Justice Minister, Obert Gutu also told Ambassador Ray that although he was “tolerant and humble” Tsvangirai was however undone by being “indecisive and inconsistent”.

The party’s Harare province recently suspended Gutu, its spokesperson, over statements he made to Ambassador Ray. However, MDC Secretary-General Tendai Biti said the party’s provincial executive had no power to suspend Gutu.