Workers Stranded As Banks Face Internet Hurdle

They last got salaries in since May this year as they had gone for three months without salaries due to financial crunch affecting the local authority.

 Unbeknown to Kapondoro who had borrowed money for his family upkeep was the fight for survival was starting when his deposited the money into his local bank. Early on Saturday morning, he went to the ZABG branch and smiled happily that the banking hall was virtually empty.

 He believed he was the early bird to catch fattest worm as there was no one from his workmates was around who use the same bank.  He was
taken aback when he was greeted with a stubborn notice, ”No  network, sorry for inconvience” He looked around, still searching for a better explanation.

A bank teller said, ”We are experiencing this since August and network is up and down for us here. We are sorry, may be try Chinhoyi branch”.

Assured that there is hope, Kapondoro came out and was greeted by his workmate James Mataka who had the same problem at POSB branch that failed to assist mainly Government workers mid last month during their salaries week because of network problems now facing the banking sector.

 Kapondoro’s predicament is not over yet as he faces the same challenge in Chinhoyi town, about 88 kilometers away from Karoi town. Dejected, he is forced to go back on credit after talking to a kombi driver who understood his plight.

Many of those in Kapondoro’s shoes are at lost of words with another catch phrase in monetory terms-No network, no cash. A bank teller at one bank explains that they were caught unawareness by this internet blackout on data transfers used by many banks in the country.

 ”It is a challenge for many banks as the information technology guys are battling to rectify the problem. Unrealiable electricity currently experienced in the country is a
contributing factor in the banking sector. We hope it will sorted soon” In Harare, a Barclays’, an internationally registered bank suffered the same fate.

For many like Kapondoro, it remains a tall order to pay back and convenience those he borrowed money for two months. Zimbabwe’s bank network is affecting many as schools open this week.

While modern idea of banking is most welcome in the country that is still yet to embrace use of plastic money, Kapondoro doubts if his plight will come to an end. ”I can not prove that am working if I can not get the money from the bank. It is a sad situation” he said as he looks forward to yet another bleak week hoping “things will change for the better”