World's Famous Actress Elizaeth Taylor Dies

She was under treatment for congestive heart failure.

‘Liz’ was born to A m e r i c a n parents in 1932. She entered the spotlight as a child star in 1942 with the comedy film There’s One Born Every Minute. She b e c a m e MGM Stud i o ‘ s f avo u r i t e young player, featured in Lassie Come Home (1943) and National Velvet (1944) where, as equestrian Velvet Brown, she rode her way firmly into the box office.

With her extraordinary looks blooming, she was cast in increasingly grown-up roles, memorably as a spoilt rich girl inserting herself between a poor man and his love in A Place in the Sun (1951).

Combining talent and smouldering appeal, Taylor conquered Hollywood, starring with James Dean, Paul Newman and Montgomery Clift in hits like Raintree County (1957) and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958).

Although a world-famous beauty, Liz was much more than luscious eye-candy . Nominated thrice for Best Actress Oscar, Taylor nailed the big prize in 1960 with her haunting portrayal of escort girl Gloria Wondrous in Butterfield 8.

In 1964, she became the first actress to command a fee of one million dollars p l ay i n g Cleopatra in the four-hour epic.

But she wasn’t limited to silken costumes and opulent sets. She won another Best Actress Oscar in 1966, playing the verweight ,Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Alongside, she battled addictions and illnesses, gave generously to causes like AIDS, ran a fragrance business and bought art and jewels passionately , being titled Dame of the British Empire in 1999.

Recently, although often seen in a wheelchair, her famously purple eyes never lost sparkle. In a heavily maledominated world, she also embodied the phrase, ‘living life queen-size’.TNN