Woza Members Arrested

The report covers recommendations and a list of demands that parents want addressed by the Minister of Education, Senator David Coltart.

“Police interrupted the peaceful demonstration, arresting three people, a woman and two men. One of the men is an accredited journalist that was covering the march. It is possible that there may be more arrests however as at the time of this release, riot police were still actively stopping any group of people walking together in central Harare and interrogating them,” said a statement by WOZA.


“As is standard WOZA practice, three separate demonstrations started simultaneously and converged on the Ministry of Education offices. Two of the groups, approximately 250 people, managed to reach the Ministry offices; the third demonstration was broken up by riot police before it could arrive at the Ministry. It is still unclear how many people, if any, were arrested during this process.”


“On arrival at the Ministry, a small delegation went to meet with the Minister, Senator David Coltart, to give him a copy of the report. Before he could come downstairs to address the peaceful group outside, a truckload of riot police arrived, beating their baton sticks on their shields. The journalist and the man were arrested at this point and the rest of the group dispersed. The woman who is currently under arrest was arrested near Parliament, over a block away from the Ministry of Education,” continued the statement.


Lawyers had been informed and were expected to go to Harare central Police Station.

Teachers have threatened a strike, with some having been on go-slow last week. They are demanding a salary increase of USD 600. The government says it is in the red and cannot afford such salaries.