WOZA Protesters Call For End To State Sponsored Violence

The WOZA and MOZA activists, who brought business to a halt at Bulawayo’s central business district during the hour long protest march, were also demanding the prosecution of former ruling party supporters for their participation in violence.The activists waved placards and sang anti inclusive government songs.They marched about four blocks of streets of Bulawayo before congregating at the state run Chronicle daily newspaper.

“We demand the dismantling of militia bases and prosecution of all perpetrators of violence, that government leaders begin to put Zimbabwe first and give us
genuine chance of rebuilding and reconstructing our livelihoods, ” Magodonga Mahlangu, a WOZA spokesperson said in an interview.
There were no arrests during the protest march. Zanu (PF) has reportedly set up militia bases as the former liberation war movement steps up its violent campaigns to drum up support for President Robert Mugabe who has been pushing for early polls.

WOZA and MOZA activists, in one of its fliers, called for speeding up of constitutional, electoral and legislative reforms in a bid to democratise Zimbabwe.

The activists demanded a “constitution that limits executive power which has long been abused.”
WOZA and MOZA activists ‘demanded devolution of power that allows for total controls over all resources and local councils,’ adding that ‘there must be sharing of power by provincial and local levels.