WOZA Protestors Catch Police Unaware

The WOZA members who successfully staged the demonstration from downtown Harare to Parliament before the police caught up with them after they had handed their petition at the legislative house warned that they would mobilise Zimbabweans to boycott any elections called before the implementation of democratic reforms.

“WOZA demand the release of a completed draft constitution that gives power to the people. Politicians be warned stop your bickering and scheming. WOZA members will mobilise a nationwide boycott of any election called without a new constitution and referendum,” read part of the WOZA petition which was presented to Parliament.

WOZA leaders Jenni Williams, Magodonga Mahlangu and Clare Manjengwa led from the front while several of their members distributed fliers and carried placards outlining their demands. Some of the placards read; “We want a reduction of constituencies from 210” and “We demand to the people in all corners of the country”.
No arrests were reported at the time when the demonstration was called off after police drove away the WOZA members.

WOZA members have endured severe beatings at the hands of the police each time they stage anti-government protests which the police insists must first be approved by them under Zimbabwe’s tough Public Order and Security Act (POSA).
But WOZA has over the past decade consistently defied the law to stage surprise demonstrations against President Robert Mugabe’s government which they hold responsible for presiding over the country’s catastrophic plunge into a political and economic abyss.