WOZA Storm Parliament

“We are here to tell parliament that we want the draft constitution to be taken to a second all stakeholders conference where we believe amendments should be done if there is anyone who has some,” Magodonga Mahlangu, WOZA’s National Coordinator, told Radio VOP during the demonstration at parliament building.

“We know that Zanu (PF) is rejecting the draft constitution but we are saying it is not its constitution neither does it belong to MDC. It is high time politicians desist from taking people for granted.”

Although riot police was present there were no beatings or arrests of the 100 WOZA members who took part in the demonstration.

The group was, however, quick to disperse after leaving a petition at parliament.

The inclusive government is currently at a deadlock over the draft constitution.

Zanu (PF) argues that its amendment proposals on the draft constitution be effected but the two MDC formations are objecting to that.

The mainstream MDC at the weekend launched a campaign to urge Zimbabweans to vote in favour of the disputed constitution at a referendum which may be held before year end.