Writer Modernizes Hare,Baboon Folklore Series

Author Daniel Mutendi has written and published a hilarious children’s book titled “Tsuro Na Gudo: Misi Yese Haifanani” as a way to preserve the good aspects and teachings of the Zimbabwean Shona language and culture.

Written by Mutendi with illustrations done by Wilbur Kandiero, the book is about the popular Tsuro Na Gudo fables that have been passed on from generation to generation.

In the story, Tsuro Magen’a the hare prepares for a banquet to celebrate the marriage of his daughter to Njiri the warthog’s son.

Tsuro and his uncle Gudo are great friends.

Gudo even plays the role of a munyayi (go between) during the bridal price negotiations between the Tsuros and the Njiris with Gudo being the subject of Tsuro’s tricks, says the author Mutendi.

The Tsuro Na Gudo is a hilarious story of how Tsuro was made to taste his own medicine by Gudo.

The story suits African parents who may want to expose their children to stories that they grew up listening to.

Published by Dants Media Dzavapwere Series, the Shona fables series are retold and written as a way to preserve the teachings of the Zimbabwean Shona language and culture.

Tsuro Na Gudo is also told in an audio format and has been written in such a way that modern kids from different cultures will not find it difficult to comprehend.