Young Africans Chat A Way Forward For Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe just like any other African country is dominated by male politicians making it difficult to end challenges facing the continent like gender based violence and political violence that in most cases leaves women as the most affected.

Leading human rights defender and prominent dialogue facilitator Betsie Pendry from Democracy Begins In Conversation (DBIC) urged African countries to take up a leading role in resolving Zimbabwe’s economic and political quagmires.

“A Zimbabwean crisis is an African crisis, hence Africa and South Africa should proactively assist Zimbabwe end political problems being experienced currently”, Pendry said to a crowd that was dominated by age group between 20 and 35.

The three day workshop will among others see young Zimbabweans and their South African counterparts exhibiting poetry, dramas, dance and music.

A leading South African activist Fanito Masike warning his fellow South African citizens to safeguard the hard earned democracy said “freedom is fragile and requires extreme care”.

The participants were also exposed to a play written and directed by an accomplished Zimbabwean actor, Bhekilizwe Ndlovu called Woza Zimbo.

The play that has been also showcased at a number of high level festivals in and around South Africa talks about challenges Zimbabweans are facing among them state sponsored violence, land invasions, tribalism and fear that has gripped the nation.
Zimbabwean audience was reminded of some prominent Zanu-PF jingles such pataka vhota taka sainirana agreement  sung by  Tambawoga and Zimbabwe ndeyeropa. These songs dominate airwaves during electioneering times.

This workshop comes at the backdrop of assassination of President Robert Mugabe’s long time friend Muammar Gaddafi, former Libyan President who was on the helm for just above four decades.

The workshop entitled Freedom’s Next Steps will later Saturday grace prominent rights defenders who will be providing an analysis and preferred roadmap to democratic elections.

The workshop is being spearheaded by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition and the National Constitutional Assembly and being hosted by Living Together Institute.