Young Musician Tackles Drug Abuse In Song

By Farai Maposa

With most young people resorting to drug abuse in a country where there is high rate of unemployment and some young musicians glorifying drug abuse, it is in this regard Kadoma-based  artiste Patrice Chisamba has penned a song tackling drug abuse.

The 22-year-old Chisamba affectionately known as Trice said he came up with the song after realising that most youths were resorting to drugs in the  face of unemployment but warned them that they end up  making life unbearable for themselves.

“In the face of unemployment most of our peers are now resorting to harmful substances like ‘bronco’ and dagga which does not help either because you end up dependent on such drugs leading  youths to indulge in nefarious activities like stealing  and violence,” said Trice.

He also advised even musicians not to glorify drug abuse saying it props up the vice.

“I am singing Zimdancehall but I don’t like what some musicians of this genre are doing as they are singing heaping praises on  drug abuse and this will lead to an upsurge in these bad habits as  young people look up to artists as role models,” advised Trice.

The song is titled ‘Say No To Drug Abuse’ .

“Ngatisiyei zvemadrugs vechidiki toziva kuti hazvitibatsiri nekuti zvinongotisiya tiri marombe,toita kunge mombe dzemashanga dzisina danga(Lets desist from drugs because it wont do us good because we will end up being vagabonds.”

While Trice is singing  clean conscious lyrics this  can not be said of some of his  counterparts who  glorify the drugs and incite violence. Soul Jah Love in one of his song with her wife Bounty Lisa praises smoking cannabis.

The musician has of late court controversy with cases of violent tendencies trailing him each and every week. 

Recently he is said to have threatened to beat up fans who had gathered to have photos taken with him a clear testimony that he might have been high on drugs or alcohol.

 Shocking statistics pointing to   abuse of drugs by the youths are worrying . Last year, a report produced by the police to mark the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking revealed that Harare had the highest rate of drug abuse in the country between 2013 and 2014 with over 100 cases having been recorded monthly.

Also last year, the Ministry of Health and Child Care’s Department of Mental Health indicated that 135 drug-induced psychosis admissions were recorded at Harare Hospital alone in 2013, with 865 outpatients documented in the same year.
Statistics presented by the Zimbabwe United Nations Association youth president, Mcleo Mapfumo, last year revealed that about 65 percent of Zimbabwean youths suffer from mental problems due to drug and substance abuse, and unemployment.