Youth Funds Illegal: Comptroller and Auditor General

In her latest report, Chiri said the operation and management of the Youth Development Fund, which was allocated US$5million in the 2012 budget, is invalid at law, making the disbursement of the public funds illegal.

“Contrary to the provisions of section 30 (6) of the Audit and Exchequer Act (Cap 22: 03) (section 18(6) of the Public finance Management Act (cap 22:19) the ministry established this fund in which an initial capital amount of US$150 000 was invested on 21st July 2009. The previous fund by the same title was dissolved on July 31 1996 in accordance with treasury authority granted on March 4 1996 referenced B/50/86. At the time of signing this report, the status of this fund had not been regularised by legal process. Accordingly, the operation and management of the Youth Development Fund remains invalid,” read part of the report.

“It came to my notice that on August 13 2010 the ministry concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Infrastructure development bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ) in which the administration of the fund was ceded to the IBDZ. I have not been provided with evidence to prove that the above arrangements were reviewed and approved by government law officers. Accordingly, the propriety of the cession of the administration of the fund to the IDBZ remains questionable as at the time of signing this report.”

Since 2009, Kasukuwere’s ministry has been distributing the funds to youth as part of the government’s empowerment programme with each beneficiaries getting a minimum of US$1 000 up to a maximum of US$5 000 depending on the size and type of their project.