‘Youths prefer morning-after pill to condoms’

By Heather Buzuzi

The Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) has lamented what it called a worrying trend among young people who seem to prefer emergency contraception to condoms.

Speaking during an interview with TellZim News this week, ZNFPC provincial marketing officer Herbert Chikosi said it was unfortunate that many young people were shunning condoms and having unprotected sex.

He said the youth seemed to be more worried with preventing unwanted pregnancies than preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

“Emergency contraceptives can help us win that one battle but cannot help us win the war against STIs particularly HIV. We encourage young people to be responsible enough and use condoms rather than rely on emergency contraception,” said Chikosi.

He said as part of broader efforts to fight new HIV infections and other STIs as well as prevent unwanted pregnancies, ZNFPC was extending condom distribution to all critical places.

“Our condom champions are doing a good job distributing the contraceptive at hospitals, bottle stores and other key areas. We aim to see a society where people are conscious about their health and are aware of the appropriate contraceptive options available to them,” said Chikosi.

Chikosi said ZNFPC distributes an average of between six and seven million condoms quarterly and it has increased per capita condom availability from eight to 12 among sexually active individuals.


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