Youths Stage Anti-Million Man Demo

By Staff Reporter

Harare, May 24, 2016 – YOUTHS from several pressure groups and the opposition on Monday staged a brief demonstration in Harare denouncing the planned million man march organised for President Robert Mugabe by Zanu PF youths and called for the immediate resignation of the nonagenarian leader.

Promise Mkhwananzi, the spokesperson of the youths, said they were launching a series of demonstrations under the hash tag #Tajamuka, meant to force President Mugabe out of office before the 2018 elections.

He said they were not a political party, neither were they an organisation and did not intend to be one, adding they were there to campaign for the restoration of sanity in the country.

 “We have watched you plunge this country from one crisis to another and our inaction as young people has given you the false impression that we either fear you or that we don’t care about our country,” Mkhwananzi said.

“Both impressions are untrue. We don’t fear you and we love this country the same way we love ourselves.

“Today we are making this clear to you from the hearts of the streets, which will be our second home until you vacate office and pave way for the progress of our country and the betterment of the people’s lives.”

Mkhwananzi said it was not proper for the Zanu PF youths  to stage their march on Africa Day to prove support for President Mugabe, saying the day was an historic and important day in the continent, adding that the march was senseless and costly to ratepayers.

“We note with disdain that you plan to stage your senseless one million fools march on one of the most significant days in this continent. You cannot use Africa Day to march for an individual, not least to marshal the country’s already meagre resources towards a senseless and meaningless march. We urge you to abandon the idiotic march and direct your efforts towards restoring sanity in this country,” Mkwananzi said.

The former MDC-T youth leader said the country should not wait for the 2018 elections anymore to remove Mugabe.

He demanded the stepping down of the veteran leader step to make way for proper reforms of the country’s election management authority, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

 “This country will have to respect the will of the people going forward and no party or individual will be allowed to govern illegally or illegitimately,” he said.


Mkhwananzi said they were in support of business and other progressive organisations that were against the introduction of bond notes, saying it was being used by those in power to siphon hard currency from ordinary Zimbabweans.


“We also support business people in their total rejection of this terrible decision. We know the US dollar had made it impossible for you to print and loot money. As we speak, people connected to you are already hoarding cash in order to distort the money market and the exchange rates for their own selfish gains,” he said.