Zambian Journalists Summoned For Lungu Clubbing Story

Lusaka – The Zambian opposition has taken a swipe at President Edgar Lungu, telling him to stop harassing journalists over an alleged defamatory story.

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said this after Zambian police on Tuesday issued a fresh summons to The Post newspaper’s key staffover an article published in 2015.

Managing editor Joan Chirwa-Ngoma, news and deputy managing editor Joseph Mwenda, along with reporter Mukosha Funga and 4th Revolution Party leader Eric Chanda were summoned for an interview at the Lusaka Central Police Station.

The article showed a picture of Lungu playing pool just a few months after his inauguration. The article quoted Chanda as implying that Lungu was not a serious leader as his first order of business as president was to “socialise” and “play pool”. 

According to The Post, Mwanza said it was common knowledge that the southern African nation leader liked to drink. His officials had even nicknamed him “Jameson”.

“President Edgar Lungu should stop this criminal harassment of The Post newspaper using state police over stories like this one of comrade Eric Chanda saying that President Lungu is not the best person to talk about issues of morality because he himself clubs,” Mwanza was quoted as saying.

He also called for the police to act professionally and not allow politicians to abuse the law.