Zambian President Lungu Promises To Reward Own Voters

Lusaka – Zambian President Edgar Lungu has said that the ruling Patriotic Front government will prioritise development in areas where it receives the highest number of votes in next month’s elections, the Lusaka Times reports.


Lungu said his administration had tried to develop all areas of Zambia in its first term in office, but this approach disadvantaged areas where the party was most popular. He has been president since January 2015.


In the four-and-a-half years it has been in power, the PF started development projects even in areas where it lost, as it believed in the spirit of “One Zambia, One nation”, Lungi said.


“In all fairness, we have to revisit that policy and now focus on areas where we are supported,” Lungu was quoted as saying.


“We should first develop Mungwi and the Northern Province, because you people have supported us throughout. It is a pity that you have not benefited from your support for the PF, but now this has to change,” Lungu said.


He said he would personally ensure that regions such as Mungwi and Kasama received priority. He promised to build a new stadium and university in Kasama and renovate and upgrade its hospital if he was re-elected during next month’s presidential elections.


News24 reported that Zambian UPND opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema had urged Lungu to put an end to what he called his oppressive tendencies. He told Lungu the world was “closely watching” him.


Lungu has been caught up in a war of words with Hichilema.


He called the opposition leader stupid for not already conceding defeat in the upcoming August 11 general elections and threatened to instruct police to “sort out” the opposition.