Zanu Big Wigs in Masvingo Face Arrest-Kasukuwere

Speaking at a meeting to prepare for the launch of the indegenisation community ownership scheme by President Robert Mugabe soon, Kasukuwere lambasted top party chefs of clandestinely acquiring shares from foreign firm to avoid ceding of 51% to locals.

“We are disappointed to learn that some senior party members are abusing their political power by being fronts of the whites so that they will not cede our percentage to the people. Let me warn that we will not hesitate to have them arrested. It’s actually a shame for one of us to try and block our programme,” he said.

Kasukuwere was responding from party officials who complained that several provincial superiors were being used by the whites to shield them by acquiring some share as indigenous citizens while the profit still belonged to foreigners.

Speaking before Kasukuwere, Zanu PF provincial chairman, Lovemore Matuke had complained that the programme was not moving in Masvingo because of the big wigs.

“We have very senior party cadres who are clandestinely working with the whites. They are being used as fronts to get shares when they are not actually the true owners of the shares. They are doing this to prevent whites from ceding the 51% and we wonder how this
programme will move here” Matuke said.

But Kasukuwere did not mince his words and said the big wigs will be send behind jails if an audit of share holding structure was done.

 “Those who are doing this are against our party and I think they belong to that group that attacked and criticized the programme when we started it. So we will deal with them as that is criminal. We are trying to empower our people and some of us are busy fighting us from within,” Kasukuwere said.

Some senior party officials (names with held) had been fingered as fronts of the whites in foreign firms were they are allegedly protecting them from complying with Kasukuwere programme.

Some of them, Politburo members, have been said to be protecting companies like Bikita Minerals, Tongaart Hullet, Murowa Diamonds and Rio Tinto’s Renco Mine.

Kasukuwere seething with anger read the riot act threatening the arrest of his seniors in the party as well as threatening the companies that they risk losing all their shares.

“The companies that are doing this and using some politicians also risk being arrested and losing all their shares. We will not hesitate to take them and give to them to our people who are owners of the country resources,” he said.