Zanu PF Accused Of Coercing Supporters In Hurungwe

‘’We are under pressure to buy these cards and we have to be within the party structures to benefit in future handouts. We are doing this out of fear as those who do not subscribe to Zanu-PF are labeled opposition members whether they like it or not’’ said a villager near the business centre who refused to be named for fear of victimisation.

Another traditional leader confirmed that they are now having their records adjusted with information accompanied with Zanu-PF card membership .
‘’It is well known here that John Chundu, a war veteran and former soldier in Operation Maguta program openly says that those who do not have party cards will not get anything. He is threatening that those who support any opposition party will be evicted if discovered ’’ said a traditional leader who declined to be named.
Last week President Mugabe told the central committee in Harare, that his party wins elections due to its polices.
” We win elections by nature of our policies. We do not win by way of fisting; we do not convert people by the way of coercing. Let us work for a culture of non violence ’’, President Mugabe said.
He urged his supporters to take the message to the province and district level so that those at grass roots level would welcome the move.
However as if acting in defiance of President’s call, some suspected war veterans here are threatening villagers in Hurungwe rural district ward 8 that cover Karuru area situated about 45 kilometres north of Karoi town.
Villagers here say they are being forced to buy the cards and be part of the party structures to benefit in every program that seeks to assist rural communities ahead of possible elections set for next year.
The ward is under Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai councillor, the late Paddington Chavhuruma.