Zanu (PF) And MDC-T Fail To Agree On Violence

Sources have revealed the negotiators, who met last week, haggled endlessly over issues outstanding but reached a deadlock over the two items.

So emotive are the issues that it has emerged the negotiators came close to trading physical blows over the matter.

Reports say Zanu PF negotiators Patrick Chinamasa and Nicholas Goche were adamant national security institutions were untouchable and should never come before any political negotiation.

On the other hand, Mugabe’s opponents have blamed the security commanders for patent bias towards President Robert Mugabe’s party.

“The stumbling block to a return to democracy in Zimbabwe now lies with the partisan security commanders who fear change in Zimbabwe. It has also become apparent that Mugabe is no longer in control,” said the source.

It has also emerged Zanu (PF) negotiators are vehemently defending the high handedness and “extra judicial” decisions often taken by the security organs, the most recent being the disruption of public gatherings, some of which would have been sanctioned by the courts.

The negotiators are due to meet again on April 20 while the South African facilitators of the talks are expected in the country on May 07.

Key on the agenda is the completion of the writing of a new constitution and the drafting a roadmap that will lead to free and fair elections in the country.