Zanu (PF) Appoints Own Diamonds Focal Point Person

Goodson Mguni, a known Zanu (PF) supporter, was appointed as the parallel focal point person in a direct challenge to the appointment of Maguwu by the National Association of Nongovernmental Organisations (Nango).

 Mguni is president of the Federation of Civil Society Organisation.  He will lead a 13-member team that also includes Paddington Japajapa, Tafadzwa Musarara, Affirmative Action Group secretary general and Chris Mutangadura a Law Officer in the Attorney General’s office.

The Zanu PF aligned groups said they were not happy with Maguwu because he was facing criminal charges. Maguwu is facing charges of spreading falsehoods prejudicial to the state after he attempted to expose human rights violations in Chiadzwa.

He is out on bail. The groups said Maguwu’s movements were restricted.  But Nango has refused to recognised the appointment of Mguni and his team.

The chief executive officer, Cephas Zinhumwe said: “Government has nothing to do with choosing who the focal point person should be. It is other people in the KP that are going to debate that and decide whether the name seconded is credible or not.”

“Where were there when operation Murambatsvina was killing micro business?  We do not want to waste time engaging bogus organisations because once you engage them, you are authenticating them,” Zinhumwe said.