Zanu PF Baying For Gono's Blood

Radio VOP has it on good authority that a group of ministers who are not happy with Gono’s recent statements sharply contradicting the policies of President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF resolved at the weekend to push Mugabe to fire the central bank boss.

They also resolved to approach their politburo to give the green light to negotiators in the Global Political Agreement (GPA) to agree to the removal of Gono as RBZ governor.

In an interview with the weekly Financial Gazette last week, Gono blasted the indigenisation law claiming that it was a conduit for well connected people to invade and destroy firms.

As exclusively revealed by Radio VOP three weeks ago, Gono believes that the indeginisation law is being sponsored and promoted by greedy people who are out to loot profitable companies and banks and advised them to start their own companies and banks where they will own 100 percent.

He said the end result would be that there will be no production in the companies the same way some people invaded productive land during land reform and now they are failing to produce anything. Gono further argued that the controversial indeginisation law scares away much needed foreign investors.

But Gono’s views are said to have been met with anger by some Zanu PF officials who are now baying for his blood.

“Gono has gone too far this time around because he is speaking the language you hear from the MDC. A few years ago, Gono tarnished our image saying we were not producing on the acquired land, and he attacked government for price controls but now he has really gone over the top, ” a top Zanu PF official told Radio VOP.

“Zanu PF is crying out for total empowerment yet people like Gono go out in the public to attack the indeginisation law which is being supported by the President himself. Who is he to go against Zanu PF policies? If he wants to be MDC then he must say so in public and he can go.

“It is against this background that senior officials from the party will approach the President to persuade him to fire Gono because his agenda now is dubious. We cannot allow him to be the head of the central bank yet he is working against us. This indigenisation law is irreversible whether Gono likes it or not.”

Mugabe has openly come out in the open supporting the indeginisation law although indications are that after resistance from the MDC and influential people like Gono, the law will have to be revised drastically.

But Mugabe does not usually take lightly to lone voices of reason among his appointees who criticise his policies in public and is known to deal ruthlessly with such people. At one point Simba Makoni, while he was Finance Minister tried to devalue the Zimbabwe dollar but was described by Mugabe as a saboteur and resigned.

He was also forced out of Zanu PF after it was established that he wanted to challenge Mugabe for the presidency.

While Gono was said to be out of office when Radio VOP tried to contact him on Monday, his close aide said while Gono was aware of maneuvers against him from top Zanu PF officials, he remains unmoved.

“Governor Gono has always said he will not stay a day long if asked to go. I mean, he is earning USD$100 a month but has a vast business empire in farming, financial services and other vast businesses. He is now the third largest producer of chicken in the country after Irvines and Crest Breeders and slaughters up to 100 000 birds a week. He would surely be happy concentrate on his empire.

“The governor has resolved only to speak to the media when necessary or when his territory is under threat or if it involves national interests. He also believes that a lot of his advice to government and politicians have not been taken including the issue of price controls which ended with supermarkets running on empty shelves.

“The governor is still complaining that due to the empty shops he was forced to introduce Baccosi which made some companies survive but was also a major source of inflation.  The governor is still opposed to this controversial indigenisation laws as they will ruin the economy if not carefully handled.

“Governor Gono is against land reform like empowerment programmes because he thinks land issues are different to industrial issues. He will protect the financial sector from vultures circulating around foreign banks and wants locals to apply for licences to allow for 100 percent ownership than allow for disruptions at existing banks that are still in a fragile state,” said the top RBZ source.