Zanu-PF Bigwigs Sell Free Maize Seed on Parallel Market

Nearly 6000 delegates attended the conference early in December from district and provincial committees, Central Committee to politburo members.

Some regional and international liberation party movements also attended.

”Every delegate was given a 10kg of maize and another of cotton seed from President Mugabe as a move to motivate us during farming season” said a delegate who attended the conference but declined to be named.

He is a District Coordinating Committee (DCC) member from Hurungwe.

Vendors at Chikangwe bus terminus in Karoi confirmed that there is an influx of cotton and maize seed from Zanu-PF supporters who attended the conference.

“They are desperate for cash and are not concerned about farming. A maize seed bag is being sold at US $8 instead of US $15” said a vendor who identified himself as Moses Makara.

However Radio VOP reporter witnessed that they have since removed President Mugabe sticker on seed packs.

“They remove the stickers in case police pounce on us as Central Intelligence Organisation monitors this. If police pounce on us we know our suppliers” he added.

Shop owners at Magunje growth point said they are being offered 10 kilograms of maize seed for as little as $8 when in shops the actual price is between $15 and $20 depending on variety.

“We got maize seed from the delegates who were in Bulawayo. They do not want to utilise the free seed offered by President Mugabe to boost agriculture sector” said shop keeper who identified herself as Molly.

Magunje, situated about 35 kilometers north of Karoi is part of Zanu-PF strongholds.

Villagers here complained that they did not look forward to see local party leaders selling free seed.

“Why did they accept the seed if they are not eager to utilise it? It is unfortunate we blame others when our local leadership is corrupt” said Dereck Matenga of Karengesha village.

Hurungwe senator and party acting provincial chairman Reuben Marumahoko denounced the abuse of free seed by some Zanu-PF members.

“It is against President Mugabe and the party that the free seed he gave out can be abused by those in local leadership. We are not happy at all. They are sabotaging land reform” Marumahoko did not commit himself on what action the party will take against the culprits.