Zanu (PF) Bus In Supporters For Mugabe Anti-Sanctions Launch

Pioneer Bus Company suspended its Harare-Messina service to accommodate the Zanu (PF) request.

“We don’t have the Harare-Messina service this week, all our buses have been hired for the sanctions event,” said a bus official who would not give his name.

Asked whether this was done voluntarily or it was a case of business coercion.

The official said, “I wouldn’t know but we have an instruction to communicate to our passengers that the service has been suspended because buses are on hire.”

Pioneer buses have regular clientele which travels on a daily basis to Messina to buy goods for re-sell in Harare.

Mugabe is expected to launch the anti-sanctions lobby campaign On Wednesday morning in Harare. Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo told Radio VOP that his party had “activated its machinery” to ensure that people get to Harare for the launch.

When asked to explain what he meant by that, he said, “We are going to use the regular means of transport that we have used in the past and we have also hired buses to ferry people.”

Mugabe is also expected to announce a wide range of retaliatory sanctions against companies owned by the US, EU and other western countries as a measure of forcing to remove the targeted sanctions imposed on him and his inner circle.

Mugabe threatened takeover moves on Nestle and Zimplats in an address on the occasion to mark his 87th birthday last weekend.