Zanu-PF Can’t Wake Up Drunk and Declare Elections: Biti

This was announced by party secretary general Tendai Biti at a press briefing Saturday afternoon following an earlier party national council meeting at Harvest House, the MDC headquarters.

“The MDC-T national council categorically resolved that conditions do not exist in Zimbabwe for the return of the Zimbabwe dollar,” Biti said.

“The people suffered at the hands of the Zimbabwe dollar which became an instrument of arbitrage and instrument of rent seeking behaviour.

“We still recall how the Zimbabwean dollar abused and did violence to the majority of our people. So, no to a currency that was used to vandalise our people.”

The MDC-T was reacting to recent calls by Zanu-PF to reinstate the now defunct currency arguing this was aimed at bringing back much needed liquidity to the economy.

The Zimbabwe dollar, which had seen Zimbabweans exchanging quintillions during normal day to day transactions, was scrapped off at the inception of the unity government early 2009 in place of the multi currency system credited for taming hyper inflation.

The MDC further said it will not allow President Robert Mugabe to unilaterally declare an election without consulting co-principal to the global political agreement, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

“Zanu-PF cannot wake up drunk or otherwise and unilaterally declare that an election would be held in March 2012 it wont happen,” Biti said.

“So no one can work up on the wrong side of the bed having taken mbanje or LSD and declare that an election would be held on such a day. It is process driven.”

The MDC-T further resolved to put in place measures to stem corruption within local government systems under its control.