Zanu (PF) Chairman Refuses To Pay For Wife's Maintenance

Some Zanu (PF) officials among them Ignatius Chombo, the party’s secretary for lands and agriculture, legislator, Sylvester Nguni and Boniface Chidyausiku, former diplomat have been exposed in court for amassing extensive property portfolio and other assets.

Chombo recently agreed a formula to share the matrimonial properties with his estranged wife Marian. The divorce wrangle has exposed the minister’s extraordinary wealth. Marian was allocated matrimonial property which includes vehicles, haulage trucks and residential stands.

Nguni’s wife, Tsitsi, has also claimed that his husband has an extensive property portfolio and shareholding in several firms as well as bank accounts and investments held outside the country, a charge disputed in court by the former chief executive officer of the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe which is now known as Aico.

Chidyausiku’s wife, Evelyn, wants the High Court to equitably allocate the matrimonial estate involving properties such as eight residential houses in Harare and Gweru, three vehicles and several trucks, a farm, farm equipment, over 100 herd of cattle, household goods and shareholding in some companies.

But Khaya Moyo has emerged as one politician different from his Zanu (PF) colleagues after he pleaded with the high court to be spared the burden of paying maintenance for Sibonokuhle, who he is divorcing.

The Zanu (PF) chairperson says he cannot afford to pay the monthly maintenance claimed by her wife because she is self-supporting and does not need the money since she runs a farming venture and is employed.

“Due to the fact that there are no minor children in the marriage and because of the fact that defendant is receiving property enough to sustain her through farming projects and due to the fact that defendant (Sibonokuhle) is currently employed by the plaintiff, he is not in a position to pay maintenance,” reads part of Khaya Moyo’s court papers filed in the high court.

According to court documents Khaya-Moyo and Sibonokuhle simply own two residential houses in Harare and Bulawayo, a farm, two vehicles and some household property.

Khaya Moyo has proposed that he be allocated the Harare house only from the family’s property while Sibonokuhle takes control of Edenvale farm in Matabeleland South province, the Bulawayo house, a Toyota Hilux vehicle, a brand new Nissan vehicle and all household furniture.

However, Sibonokuhle is insisting that Khaya Moyo should cater for her welfare through paying a monthly maintenance fee.

The former Zimbabwean ambassador to South Africa initiated divorce proceedings against his wife of 32 years, saying the marriage had broken down irretrievably and accusing her of committing infidelity.

“The marriage between the parties has irretrievably broken down to such an extent that there are no reasonable prospects for the restoration of a normal marriage relationship, more particularly in that; there is no more and affection between the parties, there are no conjugal rights enjoyed between the parties,” Khaya Moyo said.