Zanu-PF Conference To Come Up With 2012 Election Manifesto

Gumbo said coming up with an election manifesto to be used as a rallying point for President Robert Mugabe’s re-election bid also tops the agenda of the conference taking place at the Zimbabwe
International Trade Fair (ZITF).

“The discussions of the conference will mainly be centered on coming up with an election manifesto for the party since this is the last conference before we go for elections. Our dear leader, Mugabe is the
party’s candidate,” Gumbo said in an interview with Radio VOP at the ZITF.

“Zanu-PF is an experience and tested party and we are ready and confident that our election manifesto will see our President being re-elected again by Zimbabweans because Zanu-PF has proved to be the
only party with an agenda of improving people’s lives.

“We are in the process of giving wealth to our people; we will want to see the fair distribution of wealth so that majority of our people are empowered.”

President Mugabe who turns 88 next year will be the oldest presidential candidate in the world as he has already been endorsed by Zanu-PF’s provincial structures as the party’s candidate for upcoming

Mugabe has called for the speedy conclusion of the writing of a new constitution to ensure that elections are held next year to undo the inclusive government.

The former guerilla leader officially opens the Zanu-PF’s conference today and as in past conferences, he normally delivers the main address where most policies which his government would promulgate in
the future are announced.

The conference is also used as a platform where the party attacks its opponents, mainly the West and America, and with calls for the lifting of what the party describes as illegal sanctions, taking centre stage
at most of these conferences.