Zanu-PF Forces Vendors To Cover Fuel Expenses

Radio VOP has it in high authority that vendors including those who sell airtime, vegetables and clothes in Chikangwe high density surburb were summoned recently at the party offices by Zanu-PF local leadership and told to make contributions meant to cover fuel expenses.
”We have been told to make a $1 contribution per person. They say the money will be used to pay for fuel that was used during the burial of General Mujuru at the Heroes Acre in Harare” said a vendor who attended the meeting but declined to be named.
Themeeting was addressed by former Zanu-PF councillor now party district coordinating committee Karoi cluster chairman Stewart Jena and his deputy Leornard Masamba.
“The two told us that those who do not pay up will be blacklisted ahead of elections. We are not free and secure as they will not be accountable to us if we give the money” added another elderly vegetable vendor who prefered to be called Mai Chance.
Nearly 100 vendors have been targetted to raise fuel repayment as touts were “cleared” after they forced a rural bus operator to abandon its regular route to go to Mujuru’s burial in August. Party insiders claimed the amount of the fuel is less than $50.00.
”This is yet another way of scaring away supporters as people must not join party out of fear but our leadership does not understand it” added an insider who declined to be named for fear of political victimisation.

Jena confirmed the meeting but downplayed it saying, “It was a meeting with our supporters after restructuring”.  Karoi town, situated about 204 kilometers north-west of Harare is a political hotbed where Zanu-PF youths and war veterans are alleged of using violence to lure supporters.