Zanu (PF) Has Nothing To Do With Tsvangirai Marriage- Party Spokesman

he party’s spokesperson Rugare Gumbo described reports that his party and central intelligence officers might have interfered with his marriage as baseless.

Gumbo said instead of dragging his party into his affairs, Tsvangirai should learn to solve his personal affairs without implicating other people adding that a man of his stature should lead by example.

“We were not there when they fell in love. He should learn to solve his personal problems,” Gumbo said.

Speaking at a function to launch the Schweppes Share ownership trust last week President Robert Mugabe said people should stay out of Tsvangirai’s love affair.

The premier released a statement last week on Wednesday lifting the lead on his marriage for the first time. He confirmed that he had something going with Locadia Karimatsenga Tembo, a cousin sister to Zanu (PF) MP for Goromonzi Beatar Nyamupinga. In the statement Tsvangirai said he had opted out of his relationship to Locadia because it had been hijacked by forces beyond him.

Tsvangirai released a statement he had terminated the relationship after he had realised it had been “hijacked” by Zanu (PF) and state security agents.

Tembo’s family responded to Tsvangirai’s statement saying we are no fools.

“We did not invite the Prime Minister to come and marry our daughter he came alone and we are wondering why he is not telling the truth,” Simba Shopera, a Karimatsenga family spokesperson told Radio VOP last week.

“Do you think we are fools as a family just because we have been quite, do you think we invited the press to come and see our daughter being married to Tsvangirai, do you think we embedded the CIO or Zanu (PF)?”